Fabric Construction

Palmhive fabrics are created using warp-knit techniques. Design stage planning is translated into materials with exacting attributes by precision engineering.

Additional characteristics can be added through careful choice of yarns. Aramids, for example, bring cut and heat resistance; cellulosic yarns endow healing powers through exceptional moisture management.

Frequently, we are required to work with polyester – the world’s most cost-effective yarn. Our warp-knit fabric know-how builds load-bearing stretch and burst resistance way beyond that of the yarn alone.

With a global network of yarn suppliers and agents, Palmhive sources the finest raw materials to work with. From yarns containing inherent antiseptic qualities through to Trevira®’s fire retardant, chemically modified polyester, wise choice is fundamental.

Our procurement team is constantly researching the latest advancements in materials technology to bring to our textiles.

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