We are Palmhive

One of Europe’s leading bespoke technical textile manufacturers with production and distribution facilities located in the heart of the UK.

What we do

Our focus is creating and supplying technical fabrics for industrial applications.

Whether a fabric ‘novice’ or technical textiles ‘expert’ we work alongside you to design and manufacture an exact material to meet your performance requirement.

There are endless combinations of constructions and special finishes that Palmhive can adopt and we will guide you methodically through the options.

Supplying over 4 million metres of high-performance textiles each year, our fabrics become critical components for a wide range of industries all over the world.

The operation of our material is vital to so many sectors. Body armour, patient lifting devices, medical dressings, engine hoses, contract furnishings, baby carriers and military camouflages are just a few of the diverse areas where we are trusted to deliver.

A talented team of over 100 people use their combined knowledge and experience to engineer textile solutions at our headquarters in Nottingham, UK.

Partnerships with off-shore ventures support our UK base and provide extensive resources for acquiring raw materials and complementary fabrics.

Our supplies are made under the control of an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and independent testing can be arranged to certify product performance.

Palmhive’s service team is accustomed to working with you and your supply chain auditors to fully evidence our competences and ensure rapid transition to approved supplier status.

Complex Fabrics Made Simple™ is our pledge to customers.

Our experience

As a member of The Nottingham Textile Group, our history of crafting fabrics stretches back more than 125 years. Today, we are a global operator providing technical fabric solutions to businesses ranging in size from sole traders to Fortune 500 corporations. Long-standing, extensive involvement across a range of sectors has provided us with in-depth insight to their requirements.

Our Specialisations

Flame Retardant
UV Stabilised


High Vis
Liquid Repellent



Infra-Red Reflective

Why choose Palmhive?

We are experienced project managers operating in a fast moving, time-constrained world. Our team understands the pressures faced by today’s businesses and is accustomed to making decisions in minutes and hours rather than days, weeks and months.

Those who visit us are often surprised to find an organisation that is so diversified in its activities and so different from traditional textile operations.

Our premises are ultra-modern and with design, production, inspection and testing all under one roof, our strengths include strong communication, efficiency and fast decision-making.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and assess every customer’s requirements individually.

Let's work together

Developing customised technical textiles in partnership with clients.

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