Environmental Fabrics

Geotextiles for civil engineering projects were a founding concept of the original Palmhive. They have continued steadfastly throughout our history.

Meshes are tailored to suit filtration, lining and reinforcement applications and we are the foremost provider of foam and fly containment netting to the water industry.

Our biological filtration netting systems protect homes from nuisance fly near sewage treatment works across the UK. Fly and foam containment turn key projects have been undertaken by Palmhive as far away as Canada and the UAE using an in-house team of trained installers.

Fabrics for the natural world can be as simple as a permeable cover for jam pots or as complex as a hairnet impregnated with silver ions to deliver antimicrobial hygiene protection to food production lines.

The world’s first antibacterial hairnet, was patented by our sister company, Lion Haircare Limited, following our scientific input.

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