Offering a range of NATO approved fabrics specifically designed for military use, we also have ‘cut and sew’ services to facilitate end products. Our laundry bags, tent fabric, and mosquito head and bed nets are widely used in active service. Military textiles by Palmhive are bespoke and engineered to precisely suit their field of operation. Colour matching and special finishes enable us to control the Infra Red reflective values of our materials.

OEKO-TEX® certified, harmless to skin and eco-friendly.

Our unique ‘Bobble Cam’ solution to camouflage of tanks and other military equipment resulted in the development of a three-dimensional material with highly textured surface. It was recognised for its purity of application by the Smithsonian Institution in the U.S. which followed an exhibition of extreme textiles.

Palmhive’s body armour materials, designed to combat stab and ballistics are incorporated to police and security protective wear throughout Europe. We are also one of the largest producers of high visibility material.

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