Palmhive’s ‘Living’ textiles range is developed with human interaction in mind. Sympathetic yarn selection and specialist finishes make them fire resistant, colourfast and ideal for use in home or office furniture, mattresses, baby carriers and sportswear. Our Comfortec™ range features highly aesthetic and durable 3D Spacer fabrics, one of which has been a long-standing component to a renowned, international baby carrier.

Versatility comes in the form of an array of construction weights between 40gsm to 400gsm. Fabrics in this range provide comfort and breathability. Additional finishes such as antimicrobial and liquid repellents can also be applied. Our ‘Living’ meshes feature in high-end office furniture throughout Europe and we produce the bindings of a major UK retailer’s home sofas.

Palmhive operates a comprehensive fabric cutting service for bedding and mattress materials, enabling economic manufacture at wider widths before cutting to the exact requirements of the user. Our mattress materials appear in some of the UK’s biggest bedding brand names. ‘Living’ fabrics are available with OEKO-TEX® certification. Harmless to skin and eco-friendly.

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