The Process

The making of a technical fabric is intricate. Whilst predominantly scientific, there remains an element of art to our processes. Experience, skill and judgement come into play in many instances.


Our Business Development analysts will assess your engineering challenge and establish whether an existing technical fabric or something entirely new is required. Following comprehensive consultation, a specification for all key performance characteristics will be proposed under our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.


After carefully selecting and sourcing yarns, our experienced warping team will prepare beams of raw material for use in our primary fabric manufacturing equipment. Using direct and indirect warping, we offer commission warping services to the wider textile industry, as well as fulfilling our own requirements.

Fabric Construction

Specialist know-how in warp-knitting techniques and a multi-million-pound workshop of raschel and tricot machinery enables us to produce our fabrics in Nottingham. More than 125 years of textile experience has built a worldwide network of agents and partners that provides full contingency planning and support to our UK operations.

Dyeing and Finishing

A range of UK facilities enhance our fabrics with bespoke colouration and special finishes that bring additional technical characteristics. OEKO-TEX® certification provides confidence that our fabrics uphold First World, legal and environmental standards and do not contain harmful substances.

Inspection and Testing

Establishing the precise level of testing and certification for each application is an early priority for our in-house Quality Assurance team.


With a friendly style of regular contact we build a tailored servicing programme and become a natural extension of our customers’ business planning. Our highly flexible, people-based approach is an area where we strive to be distinctive and believe that customers will notice a positive difference.

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Developing customised technical textiles in partnership with clients.

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