Our experience

Supplying a vast range of market sectors over many decades, Palmhive has comprehensive experience of their needs. Our fabrics feature as key components across a diverse array of markets.


Textiles to perform for patient care. Using fabric and industry knowledge built up through years of research and development, we offer a range of solutions for patient lifting slings, wound dressings, bandages and wheel chair cushions.


A vibrant range of comfortable and durable fabrics manufactured from carefully selected yarns with specialist finishes. All designed with human interaction in mind. Contract furnishing, bedding, baby carriers and sportswear.


Military textiles for national defence forces - embracing vehicle and weapon camouflage materials, mosquito netting, tent fabrics and laundry bags. Body armour, anti-ballistic and high-visibility performance fabrics for police forces and general security personnel.

Spacer Fabrics

A versatile collection of 3-D fabrics developed on advanced double needle bar machines. Aesthetic and multi-functional with a range of thicknesses from 2mm to 45mm, these fabrics have excellent moisture transportation and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Aramid fibres for high-performance hose reinforcement materials through to flame retardant technical fabrics for automotive and airline cabins. Leading trademarked yarns are used to deliver secure, consistent performance.


Netting solutions for Sewage Treatment Works through to filtration fabrics and debris netting at construction sites. Palmhive is a registered contractor under the UK Construction Industry Scheme and retains a team of fully trained netting installation engineers.

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Developing customised technical textiles in partnership with clients.

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