Palmhive’s suite of ‘spacer machines’ facilitate an extensive range of constructions, compressions, strengths, stretches and finishes in this highly versatile, 3-D fabric. Material of this nature is created using advanced, double-sided manufacturing technology and with thicknesses from 2mm to 45mm its applications are diverse.


Sophisticated technical characteristics provide a much enhanced alternative to industrial applications using foam. Spacer material is super durable and has both insulation properties and air permeability. The adaptability of these fabrics is highlighted by use in so many of our sectors – medical, contract furnishings, protective wear and transport interiors to name a few.

OEKO-TEX® certified, harmless to skin and eco-friendly.



Groundbreaking initiatives have seen our 3-D spacer materials employed for winter protection of golf greens in Scandinavia through to replacement of traditional seating concepts in commercial airliners. Comfortec™ spacer textiles are unique to Palmhive.

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